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Some people think that young people should spend more time on cultural activities such as music and theatre and less time on sport. Others think that playing sports are better for young people. In my opinion, the second idea is much more acceptable. For holding this idea I have a few important reasons as follows.

Playing sport helps young people to be healthy. Exercise is inevitable part of our lives. For having a healthy society, we have to encourage young people to do more sports. By doing this, the burden of disease will be decreased and government can invest on other parts of people life for improving health problems. For instance, by having a healthy society we will not suffer from chronic diseases like respiratory system and cardiovascular diseases and even some kinds of cancer such as lung cancer. So, encouraging young people to spend more time on sports will help us to have a better world.

Moreover, all of young people are not talented in doing cultural activities such as music and theatre. We are not able to force them to spend time in these kinds of activities. A little percentage of the population has this ability to be supreme in this area. On the contrary, we need to grow on this part (cultural scope). It seems logical for the government to invest on the prominent persons in this area; however they are scarce, for achieving the goal, which is presentation of our culture to the world. Sport is important element in our life and we cannot disregard the importance of it for society and can lead to a better generation in the future. The evidence shows that more than half of young people are interested in sports as they know the significant role of it in their quality of life.

To sum up, having a healthy country is the first priority for every government and we should set up many different programs and facilities for young people to have this chance to do a variety of sports. By investment in this section, we will be able to reduce the burden of disease in the public and have a productive community.

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HUM111 (Dr. Stansbury)
Assignment 3: Cultural Activity Report HUM111 Instructions; Rubric BASED on Course Guide, pp. 12-15
Due by 9am Eastern Time on Monday, March 17 (worth 100 points) As a way of experiencing the Humanities beyond your classroom, computer, and textbook, you are asked to do a certain type of “cultural activity” that fits well with our course and then report on your experience. Your instructor will require you to propose an activity and get instructor approval before you do it and report on it (students should look for any instructions in that respect). Every effort should be made to ensure that this is a hands-on experience (not a virtual one), that this activity fits the HUM…show more content…

Every report should be using at least the class text as one source for which they have a reference and one or more in-text citations. The need for referencing is limited in most cases to the class text, but certain types of activities can very well lead to needing to cite more sources. . An excellent report would make connections to things in the class text, and so would use in-text citing to specific things in the class text—and a reference to it at the end. Also, you can cite some background information that you find at other sources in print or online. Whatever sources you do use should be cited in the APA style with both in-text citations and a References) list at the end. But, keep in mind, most of your report is on what you see and hear doing this. There are events that might be exceptions, but this is the general approach here.
Visiting a Museum
It makes sense to approach a museum the way a seasoned traveler approaches visiting a city for the first time. Find out what there is available to see. In the museum, find out what sort of exhibitions are currently housed in the museum and start with the exhibits that interest you.
If there is a travelling exhibition, it’s always a good idea to see it while you have the chance. Then, if

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