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  1. Anyone recently sat the STAT test???

    Just after some advice regarding the STAT test.
    To apply for the course I want to do at uni next year as a mature age student I have to sit the STAT test in october, so I am just wondering if any one has recently sat it (in the last couple of years will do) and how hard did you find it?

    I haven't used my brain cells for a while and was wondering if you did any sort of prep before you sat the test or if you just looked at the sample questions?

    Any advice you can give me would be great!!

  2. Just giving this a bump to see if anyone has sat it in the last few weeks cos I know there have been some run latley. Any advice and how hard did you find the multiple choice section??

  3. Sorry I missed this post before. I am sitting the STAT test tomorrow morning, very nervous! No advice for you as I am in the same boat but wanted to say good luck.

  4. No advice as i didn't do one, but wishing you both the best of luck for the STAT and getting into your courses.

  5. I am sitting it in the arvo and am concerned as I sat down and did the practice test last night and only got 58% right...... I am hoping the practice tests are way harder than the real thing (a bit of wishful thinking I know). I hope my mummy brain departs for the day and my real brain switches on...lol...

  6. remember there is no negative marking, so you don't lose points for a wrong or missed answer. Most people (I am told) will not complete the test in the 2 hours so try and relax and concentrate on each question rather than rushing to try and get more answered. I am also assured by a friend who sat it 2 years ago (and got an excellent mark) that you will get a higher marl of you skip completely the units that have you stumped and go back to them if you have time later.

  7. thanks for that advice Traveller. I was wondering if it was better to leave something if you were unsure or have a go and get it wrong. I made some silly mistakes because I didn't read things properly last night but it was about 9.30pm so my brain wasn't functioning as well as it would have been.

  8. I will try and pop on here after my test and tell you how it was in reality. So nervous!

  9. Just in case you get a chance to see this before your test this afternoon, it really wasn't that bad. You get 10 minutes to read through before you can start writing, so you can answer the first questions in your head during this time. The hall that I was in was quite chilly so wear something cosy. And arrive early to avoid standing in a queue for registration for ages.

    The test itself wasn't too bad. Just read through carefully before you answer and you will be fine

    Best of luck!


  10. thanks Traveller, I'm just about to head off now for my test. Fingers crossed!!

  11. well I think that went very average
    I don't particularly feel very good about it. I didn't finish it, I had 4 questions I didn't get time to answer. I don't think I was 100% confident with any of my answers but I spose thats the whole thing with most of those sort of tests. Anyway will have to wait now till the 15th to see how atrocious my score is!!

  12. I'm sure you did better than you are thinking. I'll be right here with you in your agonising wait though.

    Anyone else just sat the stat?
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    Hey Ladies, just read your thread and thought i would pop in and say that i am sitting the stat test in 2 weeks and i am so nervous!!!!! I have read through the sample booklet and nearly died when i realised how hard the questions were!! I swear at high school sitting the QCS test wasn't that hard! I am heading into QTAC on Monday to buy another booklet with more sample tests to practise on but other than that there is not alot you can do for preparation. I also really nervous about writing the essays at the end too........i haven't had to think about or write an essay in over 12 years!!!!!!!!! So nervous!! I glad to hear your stat tests are over and now the anxious wait for your results but i am sure you both did wonderfully!!! Good luck to the both of you :-)

  14. best of luck Joss. I didn't sit the written essay part but I'm sure you will be fine. What uni course are you applying for?
  15. October 23rd, 2010, 09:00 PM#15

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