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Michael Page Temporary Management Assignments

Michael Page Interim Management specializes in the placement of highly skilled workers for temporary positions. Interim vacancies are filled as a rule for a period of one month to one year. Such an interim solution gives your company time to find an appropriate durable solution. We provide you with qualified candidates to fill temporary positions in a variety of areas and functions:

  • Development of a business unit
  • Launch of a new product
  • Restructuring, change management, project management
  • ERP
  • Implementation
  • Audit
  • Tax harmonisation
  • Closure of production sites
  • Cover the staffing requirements during illness or absence

Why use the services provided by the Interim Management division of Michael Page Switzerland?

There are many reasons why contacting the Interim Management division is an excellent solution for your company:

  • You need to cover a period of time before a permanent employee begins working
  • You need an additional resource for a project
  • You have a work backlog or need additional help at the end of the year or due to illness, employee holiday, or parental leave
  • You are looking for a viable solution to hiring a permanent employee due to hiring restrictions or current financial uncertainty
  • You need a solution for crisis management or to take advantage of an excellent opportunity that has arisen
  • You are in the process of changing management or closure/bankruptcy
  • You simply need an extra employee during an expected or unexpected peak period.

Download our Interim Client Factsheet here.

Our approach

Regardless of your reasons for needing a temporary management solution, our consultants are experts in the placement of interim managers, even when you have demanding or very specific requirements. What's more, we understand that in many cases time is of the essence. We typically provide you with a list of qualified candidates in as little as 1-2 hours. Depending on your needs, the candidate you select can start the very next day, a week later, or whenever best suits your company's needs. With four decades of experience, our consultants have all the necessary tools to ensure the performance of each assignment. We use only innovative methods that have proven effective, such as the professional use of social media. Thanks to this pragmatic approach Michael Page guarantees its customers a high-quality selection of candidates within a short time.

With the increasing demand for senior HR executives to manage projects on an interim basis, the team at Michael Page Human Resources is specifically dedicated to providing Interim HR Project Managers to direct both planned and unplanned organizational developments:

  • Relocation/expansion
  • Acquisition/take-over
  • Start-up/closure
  • Privatization issues
  • Project Management
  • Compensation & benefits review
  • Maternity Cover
  • Crisis Management
  • Improved productivity

Interim HR project professionals provide a flexible resource to which you need give no long-term commitment, unless you choose. They can be deployed by the day for anything from a few weeks to over a year.

With no learning curves and the ability to make a virtually immediate impact, the typical Interim HR Executive operates autonomously, is able to hit the ground running, demonstrates leadership and is a highly confident self-starter. You can have confidence in performance from the first day of the assignment.

With an impressive and extensive database of Interim human resources professionals and the use of proven and innovative recruitment methodologies Michael Page Human Resources is able to react swiftly and efficiently to its clients' needs.

For Further Information Please Contact:

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T: 212-771-6079

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